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Tropical Paradise milkshake: The Perfect blend

Updated: May 23, 2020

I, Pri from Hydrogen Girls have been testing out healthy alternatives to make a Smoothie/milkshake for a long time and here is my version of The Perfect Blend: Tropical fruits edition!


  1. Mangoes

  2. Bananas

  3. Strawberry

  4. Other tropical fruits (But not citrus ones!)

  5. Honey

  6. Milk (chilled, obviously)

  7. Vanilla extract (optional)

  8. A pinch of salt

There are no particular instructions on how to make this, put it all in a blender and blend away.

Adjust the ratio of fruit: milk according to the thickness preferred. Milk will thin it out, and fruit will do the opposite, it's not rocket science.

Make sure not to put more than 2-3 drops of the Vanilla extract as it will make the smoothie bitter. The Vanilla extract just gives it a pleasant aroma and a slight taste.

I hope you like this simple recipe, although there's not much to it. XD

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