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Thai Sweet-chilli sauce.

Ever had one of those Orange-packet Lays? The Thai sweet chilli one?

Well, this is my take on how to make the perfect sauce/dip that tastes like that.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a traditional recipe! The name is Thai sweet chilli sauce simply because it reminds me of those Lays.

I hope you'll like this recipe!


  1. 1. Honey/Sugar

  2. 2. Garlic

  3. 3. Salt

  4. 4. Red Chilli Flakes

  5. 5. Red Chilli Sauce (Optional, I prefer w/o)


Amount of all ingredients are up to your likings. Grind all the ingredients into a loose, sauce-like consistency with a mortar and pestle or any other electric alternative, doesn't matter.

  1. That's All!


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