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I am a student of the arts and for a long time been involved with creating content for various mediums.

I have been involved in content writing professionally for almost a year now and I would be able to provide different perspectives on different topics.


Heyo! I am the founder of this website. I manage and create posts and take care of the technical side of this website. 

I wanted to create a fun and free platform that can help students with studies and gain a perspective about various fields.

And you're here, on that platform!


I am a Psychology student and one of the content creators here, at Hydrogen Girls. 


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Backpacking Across NORTHEAST.

Gazing upon the Nature's imperfect perfections.

This candid picture was taken while I was having a hard time finding small streams of water that once used to be beautiful waterfalls.

Local Sikkimese shops

Everywhere you go to in North-East India, You'll see these cute little shops selling handcrafted items that you can take back as a souvenir. North-Eastern people are really pleasant to talk to, they're amazing!

Tiger Hills

My first Sunrise-watching as an 18 year old. I know! It' really my fist time, I don't know how I have never seen a sunrise before, but yeah. I was really missing out on this beauty.


In these caves, I got to see the fossils of several Molluscs.Things like these remind us from time to time that before us, the Earth belonged to the species extinct now. Something that is no longer can be seen, walked the earth before we established these huge buildings and whatnot.

The Biology student in me couldn't keep it chill. Had to take a picture to study later!

What a view! Its accurate to call this country, Incredible India, from many different languages and cultures to breathtakingly beautiful places, India is diverse in every way.